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Si.Fe. srl ·  Viale Bonaria, 66 · 09125 Cagliari
Phone (+39) 070.670021 · Fax (+39) 070.662286
F.C./VAT No. 00465280923 Reg. of Comp. Cagliari
Soc.Cap. 30.000,00 f.p.
info@ufficisardegna.it · sife.srl.pec@pec.it

  • SAFIS Uffici Sardegna Cagliari
  • SAFIS Uffici Sardegna Cagliari
  • SAFIS Uffici Sardegna Cagliari
  • SAFIS Uffici Sardegna Cagliari

Virtual office, Domiciliation, Postal Address and Telephone lines

Virtual Office

The service allows the Member to have an address by SAFIS’ prestigious head office, a dedicated phone number with personalized answer and a fax line, with a secretary who answers and notifies the received messages in real time, who manages, takes care and/or sends the incoming correspondence according to the Member’s instructions and who manages his agenda.

The service can be activated for one month, as well as for a year.

Legal Domiciliation

The service allows to use the address of SAFIS as postal address for domiciliation of registered office of companies and individual firms, with communication to the Chamber of Commerce and VAT Office to open an elected business residence.

Postal Address

The service allows to mention SAFIS address on the Member’s corporate headed paper and all documents, to receive mail or parcels. The secretary shall provide to inform the Member about the incoming correspondence which can be retained or, on request, sent to another address.
Private Safe Deposit Box service is also available for the keeping of all the corporate documentation.

Telephone and fax lines

The service enables to specify a phone and fax number assigned by SAFIS both on corporate headed paper and on all documentation of the Member. The secretary will answer calls with a personalized response in accordance with instructions received, and after recording them, will notify the Member of the incoming messages.